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For three generations we have been developing and managing high-quality rental homes, apartments and commercial properties in the Greater Boston area.  Although we are proud of the homes we provide, we also acknowledge the adverse impact of our structures on the environment.

Building science has been steadily progressing over the years, focusing on reducing the amount of wasted energy.  This next generation of structures will be part of the solution to our environmental issues, and will have the benefit of being designed from a blank slate.  They will not only use renewable resources and energy, but will be more comfortable and healthier to live in.

There is a large performance gap between the next generation buildings and existing structures.  As asset managers heavily invested in a single industry, we see this gap as a liability.

To address this, we now ensure funds are being invested in accordance with a master plan.  Each project is used as a stepping stone to bring the building from one generation into the next.  Predictable end of life events can be priced ahead of time taking into account likely regulatory impacts.  The result is generally cost competitive, with significantly less downside risk.  Additionally, the upgrades allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market in a meaningful way with cleaner, healthier products.

We are passionate about adding value to clients by expediting the deep education and planning phase of the transition.  We succeed when owners are able to focus on their core business while transitioning to a better, cleaner future.



Initial Consultation

Our primary objective is for us to learn about you and your business, as well as give you insights into the projects we've undertaken.


Equally important is to discuss where our industry trends and legislation are heading, and start to understand how developing a plan can save you time and money down the road.

This will leave us both with a lot of new information to digest and many new questions will arise as the thought process continues.

Apartment Building
Portfolio Evaluation

After considering the initial consultation, you decide it may be worthwhile to take a closer look at your property.

In this stage we tour your buildings to obtain a snapshot of mechanicals, building envelope components, and upcoming plans for the property. 

This can be a single house up to a large portfolio, detail level will correspond with your goals.  Its best to prioritize, starting with a focused scope may feel much more manageable.

Strategy & Capital Planning

In this stage we will evaluate financial reserves, budgeting, sensible prioritization of capital expenditures and formalize an implementation strategy.

We can work with existing budget and reserve plans, if none are in place, we can create these for you.

By the end of this stage you will be equipped with a comprehensive plan to maintain and upgrade your properties while simultaneously increasing efficiency and mitigating the downside risk for stranded assets.





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